MCQs of 17 August

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1. British Parliament accepted registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths on

a)  13th August, 1836.

b)  15th August, 1836.

c)   16th August, 1836.

d)  17th August, 1836.

2. 1st Air Mail in balloon started in Indiana USA on

a)  13th August, 1859.

b)  15th August, 1859.

c)   16th August, 1859.

d)  17th August, 1859.

3. 1st International Boat Race took place in River Thames on

a)  13th August, 1869.

b)  15th August, 1869.

c)   16th August, 1869.

d)  17th August, 1869.

4. Bank of America opened on

a)  13th August, 1908.

b)  15th August, 1908.

c)   16th August, 1908.

d)  17th August, 1908.

5. The Radcliffe’s line known as border between Pakistan & India declared on

a)  13th August, 1947.

b)  15th August, 1947.

c)   16th August, 1947.

d)  17th August, 1947.

6. President General Zia Ul Haq dies in plane crash near Bahawalpur on

a)  13th August, 1988.

b)  15th August, 1988.

c)   16th August, 1988.

d)  17th August, 1988.

7. US President Bill Clinton admitted the Monica Lewinsky scandal and apologized on

a)  13th August, 1998.

b)  15th August, 1998.

c)   16th August, 1998.

d)  17th August, 1998.

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