MCQs of 15th August

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1. Panama City was founded by Pedro Arias Davila on

a)  12th August, 1519.

b)  13th August, 1519.

c)   14th August, 1519.

d)  15th August, 1519.

2. Transcontinental Railway completed in Colorado on

a)  12th August, 1870.

b)  13th August, 1870.

c)   14th August, 1870.

d)  15th August, 1870.

3. Panama Canal opens under cost on

a)  12th August, 1914.

b)  13th August, 1914.

c)   14th August, 1914.

d)  15th August, 1914.

4. Korean liberation day on

a)  12th August, 1945.

b)  13th August, 1945.

c)   14th August, 1945.

d)  15th August, 1945.

5. India gained independence from Britain on

a)  12th August, 1947.

b)  13th August, 1947.

c)   14th August, 1947.

d)  15th August, 1947.

6. Sukarno became President of Indonesia on

a)  12th August, 1950.

b)  13th August, 1950.

c)   14th August, 1950.

d)  15th August, 1950.

7. 9 Inches rain hit England on

a)  12th August, 1952.

b)  13th August, 1952.

c)   14th August, 1952.

d)  15th August, 1952.

8. UFO seen in by three men in California on

a)  12th August, 1960.

b)  13th August, 1960.

c)   14th August, 1960.

d)  15th August, 1960.

9. Fred Truman took his 300th wicket in Test Cricket Neil Hawke on

a)  12th August, 1964.

b)  13th August, 1964.

c)   14th August, 1964.

d)  15th August, 1964.

10. England regained Ashes by beating Australia 3-0 on

a)  12th August, 1977.

b)  13th August, 1977.

c)   14th August, 1977.

d)  15th August, 1977.

11. Ian Botham scored 100 on 86 balls against Australia at Old Trafford on

a)  12th August, 1981.

b)  13th August, 1981.

c)   14th August, 1981.

d)  15th August, 1981.

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