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Punjab Public Service Commission has advertised the posts of Assistant BS-16 for appointment in the Lahore High court, Lahore and prescribed four papers syllabus as written test; including a paper of Service Rules. The paper is new of its type for the post of Assistant BS-16. It includes the Punjab Government Servants (Conduct) Rules, 1966.

Here we discuss the Punjab Government Servants (Conduct) Rules, 1966 with an effort to simplify what these rules are.

Punjab Government Servants (Conduct) Rules, 1966 were promulgated on 01.09.1966 and are applicable on all the Government Servants serving in the province of Punjab. It has total 32 Rules describing the conduct of a Civil Servant and his limitations, way of living, behavior, conduct and other allied substances. The main purpose of these rules is to give guidelines to a civil servant regarding his / her conduct as an employee.

Rule 1 to 4 describe the name of these rules, extent of promulgation, definitions etc.

Rule-5 gives the manner about the acceptance of gifts by a civil servants and bars acceptance of gifts by him/ her without prior / previous approval of Government. Gifts, if accepted then should be deposited with the government.

Rule-6 is about acceptance of foreign award which can only be taken with the prior / previous approval of Government.

Rule-7 bars a civil servant from public demonstration.

Rule-8 allows the Medical Officers to accept the gifts in connection with the service subject to conditions of  their service.

Rule-9 bars involvement of a civil servant in subscription of fund of any kind.

Rule-10 bars civil servants from involvement in lending and borrowing of any kind.

Rule-11 was deleted.

Rule-12 makes compulsory for a civil servant to declare his / her properties, moveable or immoveable and prescribes a procedure for it.

Rule-13 Disclosure of Assets is mandatory for a civil servant as and when required by Government.

Rule-14 civil servant and his family members are not allowed to enter any speculation of funds and investment. No civil servant can make investment upon the basis of information due to his / her position.

Rule-15 bars civil servants from management of companies  without the approval of the government.

Rule-16 bars civil servant from private trade or work such as foundation, trust etc. except sports activities.

Rule-16A bars civil servant from giving government residence to any other person

Rule-16B bars civil servant from living beyond means.

Rule-17 Insolvency and habitual indebtness should be avoided by the civil servants.

Rule-18 civil servants cannot give and communicate any of the official documents, papers without the approval of government.

Rule-19 no civil servant can approach any of the members of assemblies to influence the government.

Rule-20 no civil servant can manage the Newspaper and periodicals.

Rule-21 no civil servant can make appearance on Radio, TV and Press unless approval of government  except in artistic performance, literary activities.

Rule-22 bars civil servants form Public information and speeches embarrassing the government.

Rule-23 no civil servant can give any of the evidence to a private committee in any case.

Rule-24 no civil servant can take part in politics and election.

Rule-25 no civil servant can involve himself/ herself in sectarian creed or divide.

Rule-25A no civil servant can take part in any of the activity against the ideology of Pakistan and detrimental against the Pakistan.

Rule-25B no civil servants can be part of public demonstration against the state or government.

Rule-26 civil servant should avoid nepotism, favoritism and victimization of others.

Rule-27 civil servants can only take part in the service associations with the prior approval of government.

Rule-28 vindication by civil servants is not allowed except with the approval of the government.

Rule-29 civil servants cannot use the political influence.

Rule-30 civil servants cannot approach the foreign and aid giving agencies.

Rule-31 no civil servant can use the powers which are not delegated to him / her.

Rule-32 These rules cannot derogate any of the law of the government.


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