MCQs of 14th August

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1. The oldest known printed book dates

a)  12th August, 1457.

b)  13th August, 1457.

c)   14th August, 1457.

d)  15th August, 1457.

2. 1st Eye Hospital, opens in New York City on

a)  12th August, 1820.

b)  13th August, 1820.

c)   14th August, 1820.

d)  15th August, 1820.

3. First rust proof paint patented in Japan on

a)  12th August, 1885.

b)  13th August, 1885.

c)   14th August, 1885.

d)  15th August, 1885.

4. 1st electric tram on

a)  12th August, 1900.

b)  13th August, 1900.

c)   14th August, 1900.

d)  15th August, 1900.

5. First beauty contest held on

a)  12th August, 1908.

b)  13th August, 1908.

c)   14th August, 1908.

d)  15th August, 1908.

6. BBC released first feature film on TV on

a)  12th August, 1938.

b)  13th August, 1938.

c)   14th August, 1938.

d)  15th August, 1938.

7. Atlantic Charter issued by US President and British Prime minister on

a)  12th August, 1941.

b)  13th August, 1941.

c)   14th August, 1941.

d)  15th August, 1941.

8. The second WWII ended on

a)  12th August, 1945.

b)  13th August, 1945.

c)   14th August, 1945.

d)  15th August, 1945.

9. Pakistan came into being on

a)  12th August, 1947.

b)  13th August, 1947.

c)   14th August, 1947.

d)  15th August, 1947.

10. England all out on 52 against Australia in Test Match at Oval on

a)  12th August, 1948.

b)  13th August, 1948.

c)   14th August, 1948.

d)  15th August, 1948.

11. Bahrain freed from Britain on

a)  12th August, 1971.

b)  13th August, 1971.

c)   14th August, 1971.

d)  15th August, 1971.

12. Bangladeshi Army overthrew the Sheikh Majeeb Ur Rehman on

a)  12th August, 1975.

b)  13th August, 1975.

c)   14th August, 1975.

d)  15th August, 1975.

13. West Indies clean sweep England 5-0 at Oval on

e)   12th August, 1984.

f)    13th August, 1984.

g)   14th August, 1984.

a)  15th August, 1984.

14. Usain Bolt won gold in 100 meters at Rio Olympic, third consecutive gold on

a)  12th August, 2016.

b)  13th August, 2016.

c)   14th August, 2016.

d)  15th August, 2016.

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