MCQs of 12th August

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1. Nor Ud Din Zangi beat the Crusaders army in battle of Harim on

a)  9th August, 1164.

b)  10th August, 1164.

c)   11th August, 1164.

d)  12th August, 1164.

2. Christopher Columbus reached new world Canary Islands (America) on

a)  9th August, 1492.

b)  10th August, 1492.

c)   11th August, 1492.

d)  12th August, 1492.

3. 1st American Police formed on

a)  9th August, 1658.

b)  10th August, 1658.

c)   11th August, 1658.

d)  12th August, 1658.

4. 1st Antiseptic surgery performed by Joseph Lister on

a)  9th August, 1865.

b)  10th August, 1865.

c)   11th August, 1865.

d)  12th August, 1865.

5. First phonograph invented by Thomos Edison on

a)  9th August, 1877.

b)  10th August, 1877.

c)   11th August, 1877.

d)  12th August, 1877.

6. WG Grace scored highest score against Australia at Oval on

a)  9th August, 1886.

b)  10th August, 1886.

c)   11th August, 1886.

d)  12th August, 1886.

7. WG Grace scored highest score 170 against Australia at Oval in Test on

a)  9th August, 1886.

b)  10th August, 1886.

c)   11th August, 1886.

d)  12th August, 1886.

8. The only silent film The Wings released on

a)  9th August, 1927.

b)  10th August, 1927.

c)   11th August, 1927.

d)  12th August, 1927.

9. Two men sent to space first time on

a)  9th August, 1962.

b)  10th August, 1962.

c)   11th August, 1962.

d)  12th August, 1962.

10. US army left Vietnam on

a)  9th August, 1972.

b)  10th August, 1972.

c)   11th August, 1972.

d)  12th August, 1972.

11. Viv Richards, Dujon & Malcom Marshall retired from test cricket on

e)   9th August, 1991.

f)    10th August, 1991.

g)   11th August, 1991.

a)  12th August, 1991.

12. 30th London Olympics ended on

a)  9th August, 2012.

b)  10th August, 2012.

c)   11th August, 2012.

d)  12th August, 2012.

13. US female swimmer Katie Ledecky won 4th Gold in swimming in Olympics in Reo, Brazil, 4 gold in one Olympics on

a)  9th August, 2016.

b)  10th August, 2016.

c)   11th August, 2016.

d)  12th August, 2016.

14. Usain Bolt ended his career in World Championship on

a)  9th August, 2017.

b)  10th August, 2017.

c)   11th August, 2017.

d)  12th August, 2017.

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