MCQs of 9th August

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1. Julius Caesar defeated Pompey to become Ruler on

a)  7th August, 48 BC.

b)  8th August, 48 BC.

c)  9th August, 48 BC.

d)  10th August, 48 BC.

2. Construction of Tower of Pisa began on

a)  7th August, 1173.

b)  8th August, 1173.

c)   9th August, 1173.

d)  10th August, 1173.

3. England was divided in 11 Districts by Lord Oliver Cromwell on

a)  7th August, 1655.

b)  8th August, 1655.

c)   9th August, 1655.

d)  10th August, 1655.

4. In battle of Plassy in 1757, British were forced to surrender the Fort William  to French & Indian Muslim under Nawab Sirajudullah on

a)  7th August, 1757.

b)  8th August, 1757.

c)   9th August, 1757.

d)  10th August, 1757.

5. Captain James Cook reached England after his voyage on

a)  7th August, 1778.

b)  8th August, 1778.

c)   9th August, 1778.

d)  10th August, 1778.

6. Horses landed in Hawaii for the first time ever on.

a)  7th August, 1803.

b)  8th August, 1803.

c)   9th August, 1803.

d)  10th August, 1803.

7. Napoleon started journey for exile on

a)  7th August, 1815.

b)  8th August, 1815.

c)   9th August, 1815.

d)  10th August, 1815.

8. US & Canada border fixed on

a)  7th August, 1842.

b)  8th August, 1842.

c)   9th August, 1842.

d)  10th August, 1842.

9. Rudolf Diesel patented the first German Diesel Engine on

a)  7th August, 1898.

b)  8th August, 1898.

c)   9th August, 1898.

d)  10th August, 1898.

10. 1ST Boy Scout Camp ended in England on

a)  7th August, 1907.

b)  8th August, 1907.

c)   9th August, 1907.

d)  10th August, 1907.

11. 1st Electric Washing Machine patented  by Elva Fischer on

a)  7th August, 1910.

b)  8th August, 1910.

c)   9th August, 1910.

d)  10th August, 1910.

12. Jessy Owens wins 4X100 meters Gold Medal at Berlin Olympics in 39.8 on

a)  7th August, 1936.

b)  8th August, 1936.

c)   9th August, 1936.

d)  10th August, 1936.

13. Gandhi was arrested due to Quit India Movement on

a)  7th August, 1942.

b)  8th August, 1942.

c)   9th August, 1942.

d)  10th August, 1942.

14. Fat Man dropped on Nagasaki by US on

a)  7th August, 1945.

b)  8th August, 1945.

c)   9th August, 1945.

d)  10th August, 1945.

15. 1st Rolling Skates competition on

a)  7th August, 1964.

b)  8th August, 1964.

c)   9th August, 1964.

d)  10th August, 1964.

16. Singapore freed from Malaysia on

a)  7th August, 1965.

b)  8th August, 1965.

c)   9th August, 1965.

d)  10th August, 1965.

17. Clive Lloyd scored double hundred in 120 minutes, WI V/s Galmorgan on

a)  7th August, 1976.

b)  8th August, 1976.

c)   9th August, 1976.

d)  10th August, 1976.

18. 12 Muslim Nations  agreed to defend Saudi Arab,

a)  7th August, 1990.

b)  8th August, 1990.

c)   9th August, 1990.

d)  10th August, 1990.

19. David Gower retired from Cricket on

a)  7th August, 1992.

b)  8th August, 1992.

c)   9th August, 1992.

d)  10th August, 1992.

20. Chris Old completed a century in 37 minutes in English County on

a)  7th August, 1977.

b)  8th August, 1977.

c)   9th August, 1977.

d)  10th August, 1977.

21. Usain Bolt became first ever athlete to win back to back 100 & 200 meters Gold Medals in consecutive Olympics on

a)  7th August, 2012.

b)  8th August, 2012.

c)   9th August, 2012.

d)  10th August, 2012.

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