MCQs of 10th August

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1. Second temple of Jerusalem set on fire by Titus on

a)  7th August, 70.

b)  8th August, 70.

c)   9th August, 70.

d)  10th August, 70.

2. Revelation of Quran started on

a)  7th August, 610.

b)  8th August, 610.

c)   9th August, 610.

d)  10th August, 610.

3. The Swedish warship Vasa sunk in Stockholm

a)  7th August, 1628.

b)  8th August, 1628.

c)   9th August, 1628.

d)  10th August, 1628.

4. Aurangzeb sentenced his brother Dara Shikoh to death on

a)  7th August, 1659.

b)  8th August, 1659.

c)   9th August, 1659.

d)  10th August, 1659.

5. Austria and Ottoman Umpire signed peace treaty on

a)  7th August, 1664.

b)  8th August, 1664.

c)   9th August, 1664.

d)  10th August, 1664.

6. The foundation stone of Royal Observatory was laid down in Greenwich London by King Charles-II and John Flamsteed on

a)  7th August, 1803.

b)  8th August, 1803.

c)   9th August, 1803.

d)  10th August, 1803.

7. US independence letter reached London on

a)  7th August, 1776.

b)  8th August, 1776.

c)   9th August, 1776.

d)  10th August, 1776.

8. Ecuador declared independence from Spain on

a)  7th August, 1809.

b)  8th August, 1809.

c)   9th August, 1809.

d)  10th August, 1809.

9. Missuri admitted as 24th US state on

a)  7th August, 1821.

b)  8th August, 1821.

c)   9th August, 1821.

d)  10th August, 1821.

10. 1ST phone call was made on

a)  7th August, 1876.

b)  8th August, 1876.

c)   9th August, 1876.

d)  10th August, 1876.

11. ABC entered in TV network on

a)  7th August, 1948.

b)  8th August, 1948.

c)   9th August, 1948.

d)  10th August, 1948.

12. NASA launched the first Lunar Orbiter to photograph the moon on

a)  7th August, 1966.

b)  8th August, 1966.

c)   9th August, 1966.

d)  10th August, 1966.

13. The only meteor entering the Earth’s atmosphere and left again was observed on

a)  7th August, 1966.

b)  8th August, 1966.

c)   9th August, 1966.

d)  10th August, 1966.

14. I million kg meteorite seen in Canada on

a)  7th August, 1972.

b)  8th August, 1972.

c)   9th August, 1972.

d)  10th August, 1972.

15. Panama and US signed Panama Canal accord on

a)  7th August, 1977.

b)  8th August, 1977.

c)   9th August, 1977.

d)  10th August, 1977.

16. Off the Wall album was released by Michael Jackson on

a)  7th August, 1979.

b)  8th August, 1979.

c)   9th August, 1979.

d)  10th August, 1979.

17. An earthquake hit New Zealand with 7.0 magnitude on

a)  7th August, 1976.

b)  8th August, 1976.

c)   9th August, 1976.

d)  10th August, 1976.

18. Google announced its restructuring as Alphabet on

a)  7th August, 2015.

b)  8th August, 2015.

c)   9th August, 2015.

d)  10th August, 2015.

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