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  1. With the evolution of the Democracy in United Kingdom, the public service also evolved and the need for formation of departments grew. The departmental growth resulted in provision of manpower to render the services assigned to each department. The long ongoing process resulted in establishment of Bureaucracy and Civil Service.
  2. The Sub-Continent remained under British Rule for 90 years (1857 to 1947) and the Government introduced the civil service on the analogy of civil service of United Kingdom. The Indian Civil Service (initially known as Imperial Civil Service) was taken over the administrative control of Sub-Continent in 1858 for implementation of the policies of the Imperial Rule and service of general public. Initially, locals were not allowed to compete against the officer level post; with the passage of time they were also allowed to compete for the Civil Service Examination.
  3. Pakistan came into being on 14th August, 1947 and its own civil service was established from the available officers who opted for Pakistan, resulting in formation of Civil Service of Pakistan. It was re-farmed and re-established in 1971 under “Chapter I: Part-XII, Article 240” of the Constitution of Pakistanwhich gave it foundation and constitutional status. The civil bureaucracy closely collaborated with the military establishments of Pakistani Armed Forces in issues concerning the national security.
  4. Central Superior Service commonly known as CSS is highest level civil service in Pakistan and Federal Public Service Commission is authorized institution by the state to conduct CSS examination in Pakistan for induction of candidates in Civil Service of Pakistan. The examination is conducted for induction of candidates in BS-17 in the 12 groups which are as under:-
  1. The examination (1200 marks) is conducted annually in Feb-March followed by Psychological assessment and Interview (300 marks) by panel of FPSC. The criteria for appearing in CSS Examination is that the Pakistani citizen within 21-30 age group (2 years relaxation for in service employees) having 2nd class Graduate degree may appear in the examination. The date for calculation of age is 31 December and last date for applying is 31 October.
  2. Examination (written part) consists of 12 papers (1200 marks); 06 compulsory and 06 elective from the prescribed groups. The minimum level of papers is Graduation and no specific syllabus is prescribed, however, broad guidelines are given which are available on website of FPSC. Books and Notes are available in the market covering most of the subject. There are academies and coaching centers in big cities. Minimum passing marks in each paper is 40 and overall 600 marks are threshold for declaring the candidate as qualified for next phase i.e Psychological assessment and Interview. Following 06 compulsory papers are conducted during the first three days of examination:-
  • (100 marks)
  • English composition. (100 marks)
  • Everyday Science. (100 marks)
  • (100 marks)
  • Pakistan Affairs. (100 marks)
  • Current Affairs. (100 marks)


  1. Elective papers may be selected from the groups given by FPSC and not more than 200 marks are allowed for selection from one group. The selection of elective papers is based upon interest of candidate and the degree he has achieved during studies. Selection of elective papers is very important and is base towards the marks. For details website of FPSC may be visited. The revision of groups by FPSC in the recent years has made it little difficult for candidates having background in Arts & Humanities subjects as compared with Sciences.
  2. The preparation of examination is the most important for success in CSS examination. There is no hard & fast rule for it and preparation methods are different for different candidates. Three type of preparation is common amongst the candidates:-
  • Home based.
  • Group study.
  • Academies / Coaching.


All of these have been successful in the past. Some candidates initially join the Academy for little while, then opt for group studies with friends and near to examination prefer home based individual level preparation. There are successful serving civil servants who only opted for one method and succeeded, others who used all of these during preparation. Most important things are concentration, devotion, careful selection of elective papers, proper study schedule, stress free mind & environment and keenness to achieve the success. All those who succeeded held these points are essential.

  1. Time frame for preparation of CSS Examination is another aspect which needs to be carefully considered and planned. 06 months (5-6 hours a day) is the minimum time for preparation even though there are few exceptions. Schedule may differ for students who are not doing any job as compared with those who are serving.
  • 1st way is that study six days a week; two papers per days or 03 hours per paper per day and relax on Sunday.
  • 2nd is to give 30 minutes per day to each paper.
  • 3rd is to prepare one paper first and then move to another; completing a cycle.
  • 4th is to study compulsory papers on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and elective papers on Thursday, Friday, Saturday.”
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