MCQs of 7th August

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1. Alexander the Great died on

a)  5th August, 322 BC.

b)  6th August, 322BC.

c) 7th August, 322BC.

d)  8th August, 322BC.

2. Henry Tudor’s landed with Army in South Wales on

a)   5th August, 1485.

b)  6th August, 1485.

c)  7th August, 1485.

d)  8th August, 1485.

3. First performance of Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth

a)  5th August, 1606.

b)  6th August, 1606.

c)  7th August, 1606.

d)  8th August, 1606.

4. George Washington created the Purple Heart Medal

a)  5th August, 1782.

b)  6th August, 1782.

c)  7th August, 1782.

d)  8th August, 1782.

5. US created Department of War

a)  5th August, 1789.

b)  6th August, 1789.

c)  7th August, 1789.

d)  8th August, 1789.

6. 1st potatoes planted in Hawaii

a)  5th August, 1820.

b)  6th August, 1820.

c)  7th August, 1820.

d)  8th August, 1820.

7. First Basketball event took place in Olympics in Berlin

a)  5th August, 1936.

b)  6th August, 1936.

c)  7th August, 1936.

d)  8th August, 1936.

8. IBM dedicates the first programe controlled calculator

a)  5th August, 1944.

b)  6th August, 1944.

c)  7th August, 1944.

d)  8th August, 1944.

9. Ist US commemorative coin of an African American, Booker T Washington (half dollar).

a)  5th August, 1946.

b)  6th August, 1946.

c)  7th August, 1946.

d)  8th August, 1946.

10. Bombay Municipal Corporation formally takes over the Bombay Electric Supply and Transport.

a)  5th August, 1947.

b)  6th August, 1947.

c)  7th August, 1947.

d)  8th August, 1947.

11. US Viking rocket reached 210 km height.

a)  5th August, 1951.

b)  6th August, 1951.

c)  7th August, 1951.

d)  8th August, 1951.

12. Charles Mahoney became first black UN delegate.

a)  5th August, 1954.

b)  6th August, 1954.

c)  7th August, 1954.

d)  8th August, 1954.

13. Sony company sold first transistor Radio in Japan

a)  5th August, 1955.

b)  6th August, 1955.

c)  7th August, 1955.

d)  8th August, 1955.

14. US Congress passed the Civil Rights Act

a)  5th August, 1957.

b)  6th August, 1957.

c)  7th August, 1957.

d)  8th August, 1957.

15. First computer chess championship held in New York

a)  5th August, 1970.

b)  6th August, 1970.

c)  7th August, 1970.

d)  8th August, 1970.

16. The Washington Star closed after 128 years of publication

a)  5th August, 1981.

b)  6th August, 1981.

c)  7th August, 1981.

d)  8th August, 1981.

17. Helsinki Finland hosted the first Athletics World Championship

a)  5th August, 1983.

b)  6th August, 1983.

c)  7th August, 1983.

d)  8th August, 1983.

18. Javed Miandad became first Pakistani to score 6000 test runs on

a)  5th August, 1987.

b)  6th August, 1987.

c)  7th August, 1987.

d)  8th August, 1987.

19. Javed Miandad scored 260 against England at Oval

a)  5th August, 1987.

b)  6th August, 1987.

c)  7th August, 1987.

d)  8th August, 1987.

20. Operation Desert Shield began on

a)  5th August, 1990.

b)  6th August, 1990.

c)  7th August, 1990.

d)  8th August, 1990.

21. Ist telephone link between Israel and Jordan took place on

a)  5th August, 1994.

b)  6th August, 1994.

c)  7th August, 1994.

d)  8th August, 1994.

22. Stephene Meyer’s Twilight Saga third book Eclipse published on

a)  5th August, 2007.

b)  6th August, 2007.

c)  7th August, 2007.

d)  8th August, 2007.

23. England won first test series against South Africa in 19 years

a)  5th August, 2017.

b)  6th August, 2017.

c)  7th August, 2017.

d)  8th August, 2017.

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