MCQs of 6th August

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6th August, 2018.

1. President Ghulam Ishaq Khan dismissed the Government of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan on:-

a)    4th August, 1990.

b)   5th August, 1990.

c)    6th August, 1990.

d)   7th August, 1990.

2. Tim Berners-Lee released files describing his ideas about World Wide Web. WWW started service on Internet.

a)     4th August, 1991.

b)   5th August, 1991.

c)    6th August, 1991.

d)   7th August, 1991.

3. George Martin published fantasy novel ‘A Game of Thrones’, the first series.

a)    4th August, 1996.

b)   5th August, 1996.

c)    6th August, 1996.

d)   7th August, 1996.

4. US President Bill Clinton imposed sanctions over companies who were investing in Energy Sectors in Iran and Libya.

a)    4th August, 1996.

b)   5th August, 1996.

c)    6th August, 1996.

d)   7th August, 1996.

5. Sri Lanka made World Record Score 952/6 against India in Test Match in Columbo.

a)    4th August, 1997.

b)   5th August, 1997.

c)    6th August, 1997.

d)   7th August, 1997.

6. Sanath  Jaysuriya and Roshan Mahanama made World Record Partnership of 576 runs.

a)    4th August, 1997.

b)   5th August, 1997.

c)    6th August, 1997.

d)   7th August, 1997.

(The record was later broken by Jaywardene and Sangakara against South Africa in 2006, 624  runs)

7. Marian Jones (six Olympic Gold medalist) was stripped off her all victories and medals due to dop test positive.

a)    4th August, 2001.

b)   5th August, 2001.

c)    6th August, 2001.

d)   7th August, 2001.

8. Tiger Woods became youngest players to to compile 50 PGA Tour wins.

a)    4th August, 2006.

b)   5th August, 2006.

c)    6th August, 2006.

d)   7th August, 2006.

9. World’s largest ever Pinball tournament held with 700 machines in Pittsburgh.

a)    4th August, 2015.

b)   5th August, 2015.

c)    6th August, 2015.

d)   7th August, 2015.

10. Bogota, Colombia was found by Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada.

a)    4th August, 1538.

b)   5th August, 1538.

c)    6th August, 1538.

d)   7th August, 1538.

11. Ann Lee, the founder of Shaker Movement arrived in New York.

a)    4th August, 1774.

b)   5th August, 1774.

c)    6th August, 1774.

d)   7th August, 1774.

12. The Holy Roman Empire was ended.

a)    4th August, 1806.

b)   5th August, 1806.

c)    6th August, 1806.

d)   7th August, 1806.

13. The Russian Geographic Society was founded in Saint Petersburg.

a)    4th August, 1845.

b)   5th August, 1845.

c)    6th August, 1845.

d)   7th August, 1845.

14. Battle of Spicheren ended, Prussia Beats.

a)    4th August, 1870.

b)   5th August, 1870.

c)    6th August, 1870.

d)   7th August, 1870.

15. Battle of Junan ended with victory of Simon Bolivar’s army over Spanish.

a)    4th August, 1824.

b)   5th August, 1824.

c)    6th August, 1824.

d)   7th August, 1824.

16. Bolivia got Independence from Peru.

a)    4th August, 1825.

b)   5th August, 1825.

c)    6th August, 1825.

d)   7th August, 1825.

17. Austria-Hungry declares war on Russia, World War-I started.

a)    4th August, 1914.

b)   5th August, 1914.

c)    6th August, 1914.

d)   7th August, 1914.

18. 1st air flight over a major body of water in Australia by Harry Butler.

a)    4th August, 1919.

b)   5th August, 1919.

c)    6th August, 1919.

d)   7th August, 1919.

19. 1st Venice Films festival.

a)    4th August, 1932.

b)   5th August, 1932.

c)    6th August, 1932.

d)   7th August, 1932.

20. First Atomic Bomb used by USA  on Hiroshima by US B-29 Super fortunes.

a)    4th August, 1945.

b)   5th August, 1945.

c)    6th August, 1945.

d)   7th August, 1945.

21. Muhammad Ali knocked out Brian London in round 3 to retain his title.

a)    4th August, 1966.

b)   5th August, 1966.

c)    6th August, 1966.

d)   7th August, 1966.

22. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto laid down the foundation stone of Port Qasim.

a)    4th August, 1976.

b)   5th August, 1976.

c)    6th August, 1976.

d)   7th August, 1976.

23. Mount Tongariro, New Zealand erupted for the first time in century.

a)    4th August, 2012.

b)   5th August, 2012.

c)    6th August, 2012.

d)   7th August, 2012.

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